19CFR Trade Consulting

Secure your international trade through
informed customs compliance

19CFR Trade Consulting LLC helps international trade executives navigate complex customs regulations. Our services give you an advantage in meeting the sourcing challenges of the competitive global market. We provide practical, cost-effective and legally sound advice that enables you to satisfy your compliance requirements promptly, respond to government inquiries, reduce costs, and potentially increase your profits.

What you gain from 19CFR
  • Affordable, realistic, highly competent guidance on complying with customs regulations.
  • An accomplished team of professionals with extensive experience in international trade and customs compliance. Team members include an attorney, former U.S. Customs officials and two licensed customs brokers.
  • Skill in all aspects of customs compliance and international trade, including hard-to-find expertise in areas requiring accounting expertise such as related party transactions.
  • Comprehensive experience in classification for hundreds of commodities including chemicals, electronics, textiles and machinery.
  • Unrelenting diligence over the entire duration of complex, drawn-out cases. We do not rest until all your customs compliance issues are resolved.
  • Business knowledge beyond customs compliance and international trade. We understand your larger corporate goals and work with your organization to find the solutions you need.
  • Relationships with international trade attorneys, whom we often assist on a subcontract basis. If necessary, we can refer you to the right law firm for your case, preserving continuity and confidentiality.
Read about specific areas in which we can help you. Contact us to discuss your customs situation. Our experience gives us insights that may bear on your issues.

19CFR Trade Consulting, LLC

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